The developers of Pauldron system are US Military Veterans with several decades of experiences in numerous military skills and experiences to include combat operations and served with various services and defense agencies. The Pauldron system development was a result of our desires to provide a better firearm performance for our Warfighters and customers alike.

For many of those who have served our country in uniform, shooting has become an integral part of life. Whether you are hunting in retirement, letting off steam, trying to beat your best mark or just enjoying range time with friends, rifle shooting in particular can take a toll on your body and shoulder. Larger caliber rifles like .308 offer a beating to disabled vets like Duane and Tony, who founded Knights Technical Solution (KTS), a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) in Huntsville, Alabama. KTS connects DoD’s largest Research Park to our customers for specialized needs in rapid prototyping and production.

The Pauldron is the brainchild of Duane Hill, KTS’s Chief Engineer and former member of the 82nd Airborne. Having solved challenging technical recoil problems on large firearm platforms for the US DoD, Duane knew there was a technical solution to better absorb a rifle’s felt recoil and improve the shooter experience, he just had to figure it out. In 2018, while assembling a new AR10 build, Duane had the “aha!” moment. He spent the next 2 years of his spare time gathering data and running numbers on his simple yet revolutionary idea.

When Covid hit, Duane found more time to complete his recoil energy model before machining the first Pauldron Buffer prototype at the KTS shop. Tony, an avid shooter and Army Veteran, took Pauldron to the range with his friends and they were blown away with the recoil reduction in an AR-10 Precision Rifle loaded with 168gr Hornady Amax. Duane went on to build a test sled to quantify Pauldron’s recoil reduction to further improve his model. He continued to optimize the spring configuration and built out Pauldrons designed to fit larger caliber weapons.

Current Pauldron configurations include AR Buffers for Standard, Carbine, and Shorty lengths, Synthetic Stock Kits, and Wooden Stock Kits. To view our list of Pauldron-compatible firearms, click here.

About Knight Technical Solutions (KTS)

Knight Technical Solution, LLC  is a veteran owned and operated company with a long history of service.  KTS was founded by two Retired Veterans with passions for applied Science and Technology disciplines in Huntsville, Alabama. KTS vision is to build a learning family business that is focused on meeting customers’ expectations and supporting our military and civilian communities. We are here to serve and to support our Warriors and Industries with innovative solutions. With over 50 years of experience, our mission is to improve  performance for a successful outcome. Learn More about KTS