The Science Behind Pauldron

Pauldron is a new take on the old science of spring systems. It uses friction springs to convert recoil energy into thermal energy that is quickly dissipated. Two thirds of the felt recoil is absorbed when the springs open and two thirds of the remaining energy is absorbed when the springs close, resulting in up to an 85% reduction of felt recoil. 



Pauldron's Compatibility

Recoil is part of the physics of shooting and is found in every firearm, frequently reducing user enjoyment. It’s that “kick” of energy you feel after the trigger is pulled that causes your muzzle to lift, making it difficult to maintain sight control and re-acquire targets.

There are countless costly accessories like recoil pads and muzzle brakes which claim to offer massive recoil reduction, but few measure up when properly tested. Other systems require you to go through long, tedious processes in order to own them, and even then, they can generate additional hazards like muzzle blasts. 

Even if you do choose to purchase other recoil reduction accessories, Pauldron will not interfere with the majority of them due to it being inserted into the interior of your firearm’s stock rather than the exterior. With Pauldron, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of having multiple recoil reduction systems all in one gun. 

To view our list of Pauldron-compatible firearms, click here.


Knight Technical Solutions (KTS) built a stationary felt recoil test sled system to measure felt recoil. The Pauldron repeatably reduces recoil by upwards of 85% depending on weapon and caliber configurations. This makes a shotgun loaded with buck shot kick like a .308, a Remington 700 with 300 Win Mag will feel sub .308 and an AR10 loaded with .308 will feel like an AR15.

The recoil test sled was used to compare the factory Remington 700 rifle in 300 WIN MAG to one with the Pauldron Insert integrated into the back of a hollow molded stock. There are 5 shots worth of data overlaid together, purposely left as unsynchronized data so that the graph is clearer to read. Each shot corresponds to a different Pauldron ring stack configuration. Reduction is consistent and repeatable and somewhat cartridge size independent.

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The testing demonstrates how the unique spring stack design in the PRRS can be optimized to repeatedly achieve close to 90% reduction in felt recoil by maximizing the energy dissipation in primary and secondary recoil.

The KTS sled was used and mounted with an AR-10 Precision rifle loaded with 168gr Hornady Amax, 2700fps to compare the AR-10 factory buffer against the Pauldron AR Buffer. This test clearly demonstrates that the Pauldron AR Buffer is capable of a 92% reduction in recoil vs the factory buffer.

Pauldron Test Results


You can message us through the Contact Us section of the website or by emailing if you have any further questions, comments, or concerns about your firearm and the Pauldron products. 

First choose your stock type (synthetic, wood, AR) to ensure proper fit and then compare the energy class of your ammunition to make sure the ring stack is the proper size for optimal recoil dissipation. If you have any doubts, just send us a brief email with your specifications to and we will be happy to help you out!
The current family of Pauldron stock kits and buffers were designed for some of the most popular firearms in use today, but that doesn’t mean we’ve gotten around to engineering and mass producing every configuration. We are constantly working to introduce new Pauldrons to the market that are manufactured to fit today’s most beloved gun models, so our list of Pauldron-compatible guns is ever-expanding. 
To see if your firearm is compatible with Pauldron, click here. We will be happy to help you with product selection.  You can message us through the Contact Us portion of the website or email with your specifications. 
Yes. Pauldron has been developed to fit in the most popular rifles on the market including the Remington 700 and AR-10.  The Pauldron technology can be customized to fit most firearm platforms and energy classes.  Email with your specific requests.
Yes. The Pauldron spring mechanics are different than traditional factory AR buffers. Traditional buffers are weighted to ensure fluid movement of the bolt carrier group. Pauldron springs work differently enabling faster, smoother action without concern for the buffer weight.
There are three types of Pauldron AR Buffers: Standard, Carbine, and Shorty. The Standard Buffer is the longest, with a length of 5.4 inches. The Carbine Buffer is our midsized buffer, with a length of 3.4 inches. The Shorty Buffer is our shortest buffer, with a length of 2.5 inches. The dimensions of each of these buffers are very similar to those of average factory buffers. So, to know which Pauldron buffer is right for you, simply compare compare the length of your current buffer to the lengths of our buffers to see which is the closest match. 
Yes, Pauldron will work in an AR-15, however the 223 and 5.56 ammo do not generate enough recoil for the Pauldron to be effective in its current configuration. We are currently investigating the Pauldron spring stacks to work with this caliber.

Yes, Pauldron AR Buffers and Synthetic Stock Kits are simple drop in replacements requiring only a screwdriver.

Wooden Stock Kits will require a gunsmith to install as it requires modification to your stock. 

For complete installation and maintenance instructions, review the Pauldron Instructions page.

The pre-assembled spring stacks have been 3rd party laboratory tested to more than 1 million “cycles” without fault meaning the Pauldron will long out last most components on your rifle.

Military, law enforcement agencies and individuals authorized to use automatic firearms may contact us for more information.

No. The Pauldron comes with an internal, pre-assembled spring stack that cannot be taken apart.  Tampering the Pauldron will void the warranty and can result in harm.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OPEN THE PAULDRON!

To get a 20% off veteran discount, simply email our president, Tony Davila, at with documents proving your veteran status. You will then be provided with a discount code, which you can apply at the time of purchase.