Focus on the shot

Bolted the new Recoil Reduction System onto the factory Rem 700 lightweight stock per the instructions.
The portion of the RRS that goes into the hollow buttstock bumped up against the sling swivel bolster. I did some light trimming to the stock and the rest of the installation went smoothly. Was a bit concerned to see the LOP had been extended 1-1/8″. I’ve fitted enough shotguns in the past to know if the LOP is too long the felt recoil can be increased.
Took the rifle out shooting new years day.
Prior to new years day, I had not shot this rifle, so I have no prior experience with this rig without the RSS. I admit this lack of baseline information does not follow the traditional scientific methodology. I felt no need to confirm the recoil from a 338 Win Mag in a #2 profile barrel bolted down to a uber lightweight stock was going to be “unpleasant”.
Temps that day were about 10 to 15 degrees chilled with a 5-10 mph wind. I left the rifle open to the elements before we shot so the RSS would get about as cold as I would ever hunt with it.
The ammo used were my reloads – 225gr slugs loaded just about book red line.
Figured this load would develop as much as recoil I would ever ask from this caliber. New chamber to me so SAAMI spec OAL.
During the shoot, we ran about 2 dozen rounds through the rifle in say 10 minutes. Shots were taken from the bag and off-hand. We were not trying to measure precision on this shoot just testing the RSS.
So under the worst possible conditions, how did this rig perform with the RSS?
I would say this Rem 700 sporting the factory stock with the RSS added, at these temps, with this hot 338 Win Mag ammo, felt like an ordinary 30-06 in a typical walnut stock shooting factory 180gr ammo.
My grown son (who hates recoil) actually ran through a second magazine which he has never done with my 338 BAR.
We both agreed the recoil from this rig could easily be managed in the off-hand, sitting, or prone position.
In short, the RRS does what it says it does – reduces the felt recoil.
To quote my son, “Now the shooter can actually think about taking the shot not surviving the recoil.”
The RSS has tamed this beast. This Remy just might get shot more often. – Pat